In lawsuit, woman says correctional officers broke her leg in Ramsey Co jail, no hospital treatment for 17 hours

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A federal accusation filed adjoin Ramsey County and sheriff’s appointment correctional admiral alleges they took her bottomward to the arena in the jail, abominably breaking her leg, and she “languished in agony” for 17 hours afore accepting hospital treatment.

As a aftereffect of aftermost year’s encounter, the accusation asserts, Miri Mozuch-Stafford, 29, has “catastrophic disfigurement” to her lower leg. The accusation seeks further than $10 million in damages.

The 21-page noncombatant complaint, filed aftermost week by her attorneys Richard Student and Steve Meshbesher, asserts which Mozuch-Stafford’s noncombatant rights were abandoned by “unreasonable” and “excessive” force and “deliberate, adventuresome and malicious” adjournment of medical treatment.

“It’s a sad deal,” Student answered Thursday of Mozuch-Stafford’s injuries. “The consistent birthmark and aberration was once because of the further than 17-hour adjournment in alleviative the alcove syndrome, which is a accustomed aggravation with a breach and is anything which you’re declared to be on the active for medically.”

The accusation names Ramsey County correctional admiral Thomas Kunkel, Lauren Arnevik, Olivia Rezac, Domonik Stanton, Melissa Hildebrandt and Mohamud Salad, as able-bodied as jail doctor Michele Van Vranken.

A Ramsey County agent answered Thursday the canton does not animadversion on awaiting litigation.

According to the lawsuit, Mozuch-Stafford was once arrested at a resort in St. Paul aboriginal on Feb. 8, 2021, for declared chaotic conduct. Upon entering a holding corpuscle at the Ramsey County jail, an administrator gave a exact command or animadversion to Mozuch-Stafford, who again “began to appoint the administrator verbally,” the accusation said.

Officers Kunkel, Arnevik, Rezac and Stanton “proceeded to assassinate a chaotic and absurd appraisal maneuver” of Mozuch-Stafford, in which she was once pulled and pushed in altered admonition and punched in the face, while her easily were cuffed abaft her back; she was once “compliant, and not actively or irenic resisting,” the complaint states.

The takedown, which happened at 3:55 a.m., was once captured on jail safety cameras and body-worn cameras of assorted officers, in accordance to the complaint. Mozuch-Stafford abiding a burst larboard tibia and a burst artery, injuries which “required immediate emergency medical treatment,” the complaint says.

Mozuch-Stafford’s legs were put in shackles, and admiral larboard her face bottomward on the ground. The accusation goes on to say which an agent of Ramsey County, whose identity is currently unknown, advised Mozuch-Stafford’s legs at 4:12 a.m. A agenda in an bedfellow ascertainment log states she was once “evaluated by the assistant for bottom pain,” the complaint says.

Five mins later, admiral Hildebrandt and Stanton abject Mozuch-Stafford above the corpuscle attic to a accurate bench. She “writhed in pain, easily cuffed abaft her alternate and legs shackled” for the abutting hour, while Kunkel and Stanton again removed the handcuffs and leg restraints.

Miri Monique Mozuch-Stafford is suing Ramsey County, many Ramsey County Jail correctional admiral and a doctor there over injuries she abiding at the jail on Feb. 8, 2021. Mozuch-Stafford alleges which the jailers took her bottomward to the arena in the jail and broke her leg. She declares the breach burst her access and she didn't obtain medical hobby for 17 hours, and was once larboard with extreme and abiding injuries and disfigurement. (Photo filed with the accusation in U.S. District Court in Minnesota)Miri Monique Mozuch-Stafford is suing Ramsey County, many Ramsey County Jail correctional admiral and a doctor there over injuries she abiding at the jail on Feb. 8, 2021. (Photo filed with the accusation in U.S. District Court in Minnesota)

Just afterwards noon, jail doctor Van Vranken advised Mozuch-Stafford and in a medical agenda adumbrated her lower larboard leg was once bloated to 19 inches against 14 to 15 inches on the right, and which she was once experiencing extreme pain, the complaint says.

Correctional admiral placed Mozuch-Stafford in a wheelchair and formed her alternate into her cell, area she sat for the abutting nine hours afore actuality transported to Regions Hospital. She underwent assorted orthopedic, vascular and bark affix surgeries to abate her extreme alcove affection and added injuries acquired by beneath claret flow, and to adjustment basic and access tissue in her larboard leg, in accordance to the complaint.

Because of her injuries, Mozuch-Stafford, a nursing abettor by training and accomplished experience, will be partially or absolutely clumsy to accomplish such or agnate work, the complaint says.

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